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In the upcoming issue - January

To Warnelview!

Top production in combination with a high percentage of excellent Holsteins - that is a powerful summary of the British Warnelview herd. But there is more: the herd recently received a British Master-Breeder title. In short, time for a fascinating visit to Warnelview - in January.

Unique Edition!

Now already you can truly look forward to HI’s next edition: the first in a special 25-year anniversary series. Unique in the upcoming January issue are the nominations of a long list of successful Holstein breeders from around the world – and we are asking you to indicate your favourite breeders. This extremely unique HI issue will arrive in early January!

Ashlyn's Record

Elsewhere in this issue – in the Apple article – you read it: Tri-Day Ashlyn is the cow with the most excellent daughters in the UVS. Time then for an extensive look at Ashlyn’s rich inheritance to the Holstein world.

To Eildon-Tweed!

Also in the new year of 2019, HI will continue to provide unique farm reports, and certainly among them is Eildon-Tweed from the American state of New York. The birth place of numerous no-nonsense top Holsteins, both male and female. In January!

Never Told: Rudy Missy’s Background

Of course, everyone knows the cow that has obtained all superlatives: Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy. But how was Rudy Missy bred, with what background? HI did the research and presents a never told before story about Rudy Missy’s background – in January!

In the upcoming issue - January
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