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This month in HI - June

New: Jedi guide

Starting now, HI guides you through the realm of the sons of top bulls – we begin with the Jedi guide!

Top management

In May, HI reported about farms with record numbers of 100,000 kg cows. Clearly: management in these herd led to maximum lifetime productions. How do these farms feed, house and care for their cows? HI spoke with three of them: Sandisfarne (UK), Iden (Germany) and Kellercrest (US). Here are their experiences.


That is currently being produced by Ever-Green-View Etax, one of the many record cows from the Elsie family – also the source of Snowman!


550 milking cows… all descending from 4 heifers that were purchased in 1919. Do not miss the fascinating story of Pine-Shelter!

Udder health!

Top productions and still low somatic cell – travel along to Siemers Holsteins and read tips about healthy udders.

Much talked about

Mr Mogul Delta is the “talk of the town” in breeding and that is certainly also the case for his grandam: OCD Danica.

This month in HI - June
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