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In the upcoming issue - August

New & Exclusive: HI’s “Red Review”

It will happen in August: HI will give lots of attention to the many talented Red Holsteins in the breed. We’ll keep you in suspense for a bit, but this we can share already, that HI’s “Red Review” will contain lots of articles covering every aspect of Red Holsteins. Exclusively!

To Larcrest!

Besides Red Holstein power, HI’s August issue also has lots of black and white power: for example with a report about the farm with one of the most influential cow families in the global Holstein breed: Larcrest with the Cosmopolitan dynasty.

To Bopi!

Of course, this Swiss prefix will cause a light to go on – for years already, this high-type Swiss breeding enterprise has been in the news for both black and red & whites. Their report in August – of course, complete with the world-famous Bopi Lotanie-Red.

To Lesperron!

Recently, the prefix Lesperron is especially affiliated with the bull Unix. Yes, for years, this herd from Quebec has been a source of modern genetics – in August, HI’s report on all the highlights of Lesperron Holsteins.

In the upcoming issue - October
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