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In the upcoming issue - July

To Riedill!

‘Our goal? A uniform herd that can compete for type. Just because a heifer does not give a lot in her first lactation, for us that is not a reason to cull her right away.’ That is the vision for the Riedill herd in the French Elzas. Also known for its talented twins: Tornade and Tempete. The complete Riedill report in July.

Destination: Missouri

He was popular from the outset, the Day son View-Home Missouri. No wonder, his dam, Robust daughter Pine-Tree 4846, was a real attraction. In the meantime, Missouri is represented by 552 daughters in the TPI top – time for a portrait.

To LLM Dairy!

Those who think about L-L-M Dairy immediately think of this famous foundation dam: Rudolph daughter L-L-M Pilgrim EX-92, who has also reached high lifetime production. On the male front, L-L-M is probably best known for the strong transmitting Uno son President. In HI’s July issue, get acquainted with the source of these top genetics: L-L-M Dairy.

To Peace & Plenty!

Stunning Holsteins, at home and in the show arena? Then Peace & Plenty Holsteins, close to Union Bridge, in the American state of Maryland, is a superb destination. Here they breed successfully for type. Let HI bring you there: in July.

Travelling Through Quebec

Cycling enthusiasts are travelling to France in the month of July for the fascinating Tour de France. Not HI. Come with us instead to the Canadian province of Quebec, for a no less fascinating Tour de Quebec: With 15 splendid Holstein farms in the starting field – you can follow all 15 in July.

In the upcoming issue - November
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