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In the upcoming issue - June


He is among the most influential sires of this century. He is one of the world’s youngest millionaires. He is one of the first DNA sires with unparalleled success. For now we will leave it at that; clearly Mountfield Mogul deserves a HI edition with his own stamp. HI’s Mogul Memorandum, featuring his entire career and many of his current influences world-wide. In June 2018.


The accompanying picture is the ultra-popular Solomon. In HI’s June issue, the source of this powerful cow and sire family is featured at length: Misty-Springs Lavanguard Sue.


The name Martin Rübesam and the Wiesenfeld prefix hardly require an explanation: for decades already, this German breeding enterprise has provided successful genetics both at home and abroad. Travel with HI in June to this fascinating gene source in the German state of Thuringia.


Of course! As HI’s June edition is dedicated to Mogul, HI will take you to the barn where Mogul was born. Where his breeders are active in Holstein breeding in their own way and with great enthusiasm. Our Mountfield report in June.

In the upcoming issue - October
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