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In the upcoming issue - May


Solid indexes. Intriguing pedigrees. Popular genetics. We find it all at Relough Holsteins in Northern Ireland. In May, read HI to find out about this fascinating breeding enterprise with attractive cow families.


Mention Ralma and everyone knows: the breeding herd of the Schmitt family in Minnesota, where Ralma Juror Faith created a magnificent cow family that garnered world-wide fame. It will happen in May as HI informs you about all the Ralma facets.


Italy. Germany. Switzerland. The Netherlands. And we are certainly overlooking other countries where this family is also successful. We are talking about Bersaglio Qualsiasi, the remarkable O-Man daughter with 87 points. An extensive family portrait in May.


Rank all French bulls for overall conformation: progeny proven and DNA tested. Then one French sire rises right to the top, with a powerful score of +4.9, via 140 classified daughters. His name: Frist PJP. His report: in May’s HI.


She scored just 84 points but became a brood cow of great allure: Jacobs Rudolph Valsie. She became the dam of Valsie EX-91 and the grand-dam of Valana EX-95. Read the remarkable story of the Jacobs Valsie family in the upcoming HI.


The prefix of this farm in eastern Wisconsin will make many think of the popular transmitter Sunnyside Complete. That was already quite some time ago and in May, HI focuses on the management of this modern dairy farm with more than 300 cows.

In the upcoming issue - November
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