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This month in HI - April


What a fitting name for this cow! She provided a number of the world’s very biggest “moneymakers”!


‘The offering of sires has never been greater than now’ – we hear on a regular basis. Nevertheless, each year a series of transmitters are able to clearly distinguish themselves. They are used (a lot) more than their herdmates. Who are they, and why? A unique HI publication about the global bestsellers of 2017.

De Novo/ABS

Breeding programs are constantly being updated and sharpened. That is also certainly the case for ABS Global – HI provides the details.


Born in Alberta, but now one of the type heros world-wide – the story of Beemer.


‘One of our all-time greats.’/‘Our customers love this bull.’ Read why Epic is one of the legends of our time.

This month in HI - October
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