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In the upcoming issue - June

To Ransom-Rail!

The western part of New York State has a splendidly kept dairy enterprise that also deserves the title of breeding herd. We are referring to Ransom-Rail Farm, owned by the Dueppengiesser family. Father Arnold came as a “city boy” from Germany to America – in HI’s April issue, read the marvellous sequel!

Beemer's (new) Breakthrough

+3.68 gPTAT in the US; +16 type in Canada. Those are the outstanding progeny proven figures of Pol Butte Beemer. Already very popular as a young DNA sire, now again in the limelight. His portrait in April.

To Gobeli!

Just a few Swiss Holstein shows take place without Gobeli Holsteins capturing one of the top titles. This has made the Gobeli prefix world-famous in a relatively short period of time. Travel with HI in April to this farm in Gstaad to discover the entire background story.


In HI’s April issue, it’s time for the competition among the world’s most influential Red Holstein cows. If you have a qualified candidate, please let us know about her: info@holsteininternational.com

Jericho & Jasmin

The strength of cow families determines more than half of all breeding success. Lots of space for cow families in each HI issue then. Among the nominated families for HI’s April issue are Gillette Durham Jericho and Knonaudale Jasmin. You will find out why!

He continues to surprise!

Dairy farmers who are milking his daughters are very satisfied, and are using him again. AIs that have used his sons and grandsons are very happy: Because he turned out to be better than expected. Read about the continuing positive surprises offered by Genervations Epic in HI’s April edition.

In the upcoming issue - October
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