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This month in HI - January

The selection

A remarkable amount of news in the global index release of 12/2017 resulted in significant changes to sire line-ups. Who are the new transmitters? In three handy overviews, we present a selection of all the top bulls in every category: DNA tested (pgs. 38-41), progeny proven (56-59) and Red Holstein & polled (86-87).

The revolution

More and more often, feed efficiency is becoming a concrete factor in breeding programs. Discover the results in the Netherlands.

The top cow

‘A strength cow, like an army tank’ That is the description of this European brood cow that is rapidly gaining influence: Evelin.

The newcomer

It does not happen often that new AIs get started. But they still exist, such as this fascinating newcomer in the US.

The focus

Which type of milk is the most suitable for cheese production? In Italy, this is clearly the focus: an informative initiative.

This month in HI - September
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